Book Review: Someone to Love

Title: Someone to Love
Author: Ruchita Misra
Publisher: Harlequin- Harper Collins Publishers
Pages: 237
ISBN: 9789352641635
Price: 175 INR


Someone to Love is a poignant tale of two childhood friends– Koyal and Atharv, who unknowingly love each other. The novel is about the journey of these two soulmates, who suffer at the hands of destiny & ultimately find someone to love.

About the Author

Ruchita Misra is a three- time gold medalist from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in New Delhi. She is the bestselling author of books like Second Chance at Love, The (In)eligible Bachelors and Can This Be Love? An MBA, Ruchita Misra now works in London and has been honored with the Awadh Samman in 2012 for her contribution to the field of literature.

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A Love story of 2 Souls…

Someone to Love is a story of two friends, who are made for each other. They are best friends-  as good as one can imagine. Soulmates and partners in each others happiness and sorrow, both are unaware of the feelings that they have for each other.

As they grow up, they have to move to different places. Atharv makes it to Delhi, while Koyal deliberately chooses Ghaziabad. New locations bring a new person to their lives. Atharv finds someone to love, but things do not go well.

And that is when Koyal and Atharv’s life takes a turn. The friendship that belonged to a different world is now replaced by hatred. Neither of them wants to think about the other. It is only after 6 years that their paths cross again and their lives take one more turn. This is the point where a new phase of Koyal and Atharv’s life begins.

The story is told from Koyal’s point of view. The novel is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 has a mixed narration- one chapter is dedicated to Koyal and Atharv’s childhood and their growing into adults, and the other chapter is about Koyal’s marital life, which is no less than hell. Part 2 covers the major portion of the text. There is a time gap of 6 years between Part 1 and Part 2.

Final Verdict

Someone to Love is the first Romance that I’ve read. I used to think that romances are not meant for me. But I was wrong, because I enjoyed reading this book. Though written in a simple language, this book has something charismatic about it. I just loved being a part of Koyal and Atharv’s journey & kept on turning pages.

Koyal, the protagonist, is my favorite character. I read empathetically the chapters on Koyal’s wretched life as a wife. I literally cried while reading the chapter in which Koyal finally comes back to her home after leaving her husband.

The plot has been worked out superbly. Till the end, there is a sense of unpredictability, which keeps the readers engaged. However, at certain points things are too predictable & obvious. For instance, one can easily make out who is calling or who is coming, before it is revealed by the author. This was the only thing that I didn’t like in the book.

The words chosen by the author are simple, yet they have the power to stick readers to the text.

My favorite lines from the text are:

  • Words, the same words, can mean nothing to one person and everything to someone else.
  • The biggest problem with living with someone who criticizes you continuously is that you begin to see yourself through their eyes. And then the most tragic thing happens – you forget your own worth.
  • From the outside, looking in, you can never understand it. From the inside, looking out, you can never explain it.
  • And just when the caterpillar thought the end was near, it became a butterfly.

Someone to Love is beautiful novel. It tells us how keeping things only in our mind can affect our lives. It is tale of love and friendship intertwined.

I will recommend it to teenagers and adults who are looking for something cheerful and delightful. After reading this book, I am looking forward to some more Romances (Recommendations are welcome).

My Rating: **** (4/5)

What do you think about the book? Have you read any other book dealing with love in friendship? Have you read any other book by Ruchita Misra? And do you have any Romance title in mind to suggest me? Do share your thoughts. Thanks.

I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  1. Yep! I have read Second chance at love by Ruchita Misra. SCAL is d one which i seriously wnt sme director to direct it, it wud b loved😍 I had also read I too had a love story of Ravindra Singh,Its kinda gud but mostly tragic😊

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