Let’s meet some new friends

Books are like treasure for bibliophiles like me. I adore books. Sometimes, mesmerized by their beauty, I just keep looking at them. Isn’t that one of the best feelings in the world? Well, everybody won’t say, yes! But people like me would certainly agree.

Of late, I’ve got some new books. My evenings these days are all about these books. I’m so obsessed with these books, that I decided to have a special post about them. Here, have a look at my treasure:-

1. These Circuses that sweep through the Landscape – I was having an eye on this book since long. Then I finally requested this book from the publisher and they very kindly sent me a copy. To be honest, it is the cover that held my attention. It is a collection of 10 short stories. I am done with 8 stories and  now only 2 more are left.

2. Small Towns. Big Stories – You know what, the best things happen when they are least expected. I requested only one book, but the publishers sent me this one too.  This anthology of selected short stories by Ruskin Bond, has found an esteemed place near the few Hardbacks that I have. Much thanks to Aleph Book Company for sending me these copies.

3. Fifty Shades of Grey: Trilogy – This is the first ever series that I have in my collection of books. In fact, I haven’t read more than one book by the same author, except R.K. Narayan. I had heard the name Fifty Shades, but didn’t have much knowledge about it. I purchased these second hand books from BookChor, because they were placed under a great deal. And I’m quite happy with my first order from them.

4. The Catcher in the Rye – This one has been given to me by my Professor of English. She thinks that being a student of English Literature, I must read this book. I had not even heard the title of this book as well as the name of the author earlier. I will start reading it by Mid of March.

5. Game of Anarchy – This one has something special about it. This is the first ever book that I was requested by an author to review. Though I prefer Physical copies, but I accepted this one. The genre- Political Thriller, is what made me accept it for review. I’m currently reading this one.

6. Finding Juliet – This book had been (and is still) making rounds in my social network. I didn’t sign up for the review program. But then I entered a giveaway organized on Goodreads. And there it is! I’ll start reading it next month.

7. So Many Hungers – I ordered this one from Amazon in  January. It is a part of my syllabus for this semester. After finishing the ones that I’m reading now, I’ll start with this one. I have some expectations from this one. I hope it meets those expectations.

8. Metamorphosis – This one, again was given by my Professor of English. She gifted it to me, while I’m supposed to return the one mentioned earlier. Since, I’ll be pursuing Masters in English Literature, she thought it is imperative to read some work of Kafka. Hence, I read my first Novella. It is the story of a person who, one morning, finds himself transformed into an insect. I’m presently working on its review.

So, how is my treasure? Have you read any of these books? Is there any book that I should read first? Are you planning to add any of these in your TBR list? Do share your thoughts.



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