Book Review: Game of Anarchy

Title: Game of Anarchy
Author: Kenneth Jones
Pages: 351
ISBN: 9781535571524
Source: Author


‘Game of Anarchy’ is a political thriller by Kenneth Jones- an Indian Writer. It is set in the present political scenario of India. It is an insight into what can happen in our country. We do have all the ingredients required for anarchy.

About the Author

Kenneth Jones is a bio-technologist and a MBA. He is presently working in an IT company as a consultant. He was also an Indian Civil Services aspirant. Love for literature is in his veins and he has grown up reading several novels. Writing novels has been both his hobby as well as passion. ‘Game of Anarchy’ is his first novel. He is now working on his second project.

And the Game starts now…

The novel opens with an attack on CRPF soldiers by Maoists. Then we witness a murder. And then another murder.There is a reporter named Rita, known for exposing corrupt leaders. She knows one of the persons who was murdered. So she gets involved in the investigation indirectly. Her journalistic temperament induces her to steal a pen drive from the murder spot. The pen drive contains some data that leaves Rita shocked.

In between, we are introduced with the Prime Minister MK Lal and his cabinet. The readers are given an eye into their meetings. We get to know what the ministers really are and what they pose to be in front of the public.

The author then takes us to Nepal where a mysterious person is undertaking some suspicious activities. Then 5 bomb blasts take place in different cities of India. This incident sets everything into motion as the Prime Minister makes out that something is wrong. Was the bomb blast planned by some terrorist organization of Pakistan or the suspicious person in Nepal had a hand in it? The Maoist group who had earlier attacked the CRPF soldiers is also under the scanner. Are the things as plain as they seem or something bigger is taking shape beneath the ground?

As we move ahead with the novel we get the answers to the above questions. Rita plays a prominent role in the whole novel. She is the heroine of the novel. Besides witnessing the intelligence of Rita, we get to witness the acumen of Civil Servants. One realizes how civil servants are the ones who actually run the government.The author also gives us an idea on how the government and its various secret agencies work.

Final Verdict

The story of the novel as a whole is great. But what I didn’t like is that the author runs so many parallel tracks. Another problem that I faced while reading this novel is that I couldn’t make out who is who. This happened only while I was reading the part of the novel dealing with the ministers. I didn’t know which minister was holding which office. There are actually a lot of characters in this novel. And almost all of them are actively involved in the main action.

Though there are​ a lot many tracks running simultaneously, but none of these can be called as subplot. Each plot is like a contributing river to the main river. The way the author has mingled all the tracks at the end is highly commendable. Keeping in view the fact that this is his debut novel, I feel he has achieved a lot.

I personally feel writing a thriller is one of the most difficult jobs. The author has been successful to a great extent. But it isn’t a very intriguing novel. It is only for the sake of Rita, that I kept on reading. Perhaps, the writing doesn’t justify the story line.

The novel clearly reflects the vast knowledge that the author possesses about the subject. His mastery in this field can be realized easily. But sometimes the information that he conveys, seems to be imposed on the readers.

I also feel that there’s something wrong with the blurb of the book. The blurb focuses on three friends. One amongst them is Rita. While the other two, make an appearance in the novel much later. I don’t think they even needed a mention in the blurb. But still it’s great to find out how they are linked with the main plot.

All in all, I would say the author has been successful in introducing the new genre- Political Thriller. This book will be surely loved by almost all the readers (14+). You can go, give it a try!

My Rating: ***(3.25/5)

What do you feel about the book? And what do you think about the new genre- Political Thriller? Do share your thoughts. Thanks.

Available for purchase on  and Book Depository.

I was requested by the author to review this book for him and was provided a PDF version of the text. Views expressed are entirely personal and unbiased.


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