Book Review: Finding Juliet

Title: Finding Juliet
Author: Toffee
Publisher: Srishti Publisher & Distributors
ISBN: 9789382665854
Pages: 216
Source: Writersmelon

“Finding Juliet” is a journey of a person, from being the one craving for love to an ‘irresistible flirt’ and finally to one who knows and appreciates true love.

About the Author

Toffee aka Taufeeq Ahmed is presently pursuing his Master’s in Business Analysis from the University of South Florida. He likes telling stories and wants to touch the hearts of people by sharing beautiful stories. ‘Finding Juliet’ is his second book, which is based on the present day young Indian generation.


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Love, Lust & Life…

In this novel, we follow Arjun, who is a typical college going boy. Sitting with friends in the canteen, rating girls on various parameters, studying casually is all that he does. He is on a quest for true love.

People say right things happen only at the right time. Arjun finds the right girl not once or twice, but thrice. But the right time is yet to come. Each time he tries to enter the girl’s heart, he skids right at the door leading to the girl’s heart. Anjali – Arjun’s childhood friend, brings him back to the reality after his heartbreaks.

Then something drastic happens, and Arjun moves to a new city. With the change of city, there seems to be a change of destiny. The budhu Arjun is soon transformed into a flirt by  Krish. Krish and Arjun both work in the same office. The preaching on women and their complex nature by Krish, who is no less than a love guru, help Arjun win ladies’ hearts. The information that the author possesses about women is praiseworthy.

Soon Arjun realizes that Life is not all about love making and having sex. He craves for the peace and happiness that lies hidden in love. It is only in the end that he finds his Juliet.

My Verdict

‘Finding Juliet’ lived up to my expectations. I didn’t have high expectations from this book and it actually did justice to my expectations. It is indeed, an average book.

The cover is something that has the power to appeal the readers. Sadly, the cover is what I like the least. The blurb was also not a very interesting one. So, basically there is no temptation to read this book. Even after reading the whole book, I don’t find any reason for anyone to pick this book. However, it does give a beautiful message that Life is incomplete without Love and Sex is no substitute to Love. Love and Lust both stand at different banks of a river called Life.

One problem that I had with the author is that he makes so many Bollywood references. Oh man, do the authors bear in the mind that readers outside India won’t pick it up? This happens with most of the romances. The genre of this book cannot be stated as Romance. There are many elements of Erotica. The author has described Arjun’s sex encounters vividly. A young student, a married lady, a colleague in office, a journalist, school time crush…. Arjun takes them all to bed. 

There’s something in this novel, that I highly disapprove of. The author shows how Sex can be much more pleasing when one is under the influence of drugs. Tequila, weed, cocaine, etc have a mention in the novel and the author has written well about their effect on a person when he or she gets intimate. I feel teenagers are the targeted readers of Romances. So this novel in a way can mislead the youngsters and instigate them to try drugs. I don’t know if some of you are laughing after reading this. But this is what I feel.

What I liked in this book is the fast paced track. Had it been slow paced, it would have been boring because the author lacks a good vocabulary. Same words and phrases keep appearing again and again. But the fast moving story line overshadows the repeating words. The ending is also some what obvious.

All in all, Finding Juliet isn’t a great read. With so many books coming out, I don’t think anybody would prefer this book over some other book. If you are looking for a time-pass book, you can give it a try.

My Rating: ***(2.5/5)

Do you agree with my views? Do you think you would like the book more than I liked? I would love to hear. Thanks.

Available for purchase on and Snapdeal.

*I recieved a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


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