Book Review: Think with Me

Title: ‘Think with me: Fundamentals for making our country ideal’
Author: Subrata Roy Sahara
Publisher: Rupa Publications
ISBN: 9788129142252
Pages: 111
Source: Writersmelon

“Think with me” is second book by the author in the ‘Thoughts from Tihar’ trilogy. It is written specifically for Indian writers. As the title suggests this book is aimed at presenting to the readers the ‘fundamentals for making our country ideal’.

About the Author

Subrata Roy Sahara is a prominent figure of corporate India. He is the founder of Sahara India Pariwar. Better known as Saharasi, the author ascribes to the philosophy of Collective Materialism – continuous collective growth for collective sharing and caring. His first book, Life Mantras, was a national best seller & remained in the top 5 best selling books across India for 7 continuous weeks.


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A bold attempt but…

The books deals with 5 major areas responsible for the growth of a nation. These are Electoral System & Leadership, Population, Education, Media and Religion. The author ponders over problems associated with each of these areas and offers solutions for them, following which, according to him, India can be an ideal country.

The book is divided into 5 sections, each one dealing with a particular area. Apart from getting to know the problems and their solutions, we also get to know several shocking facts about the severity of these problems. For instance, in the Population section, the author writes-

“Approximately, 70,000 children are born every day in the country, almost one every 1.25 seconds. … the alarmingly high birth rate requires the additional establishment of 1 lac. primary schools every year. … Where other countries of the world have one doctor for every 50 persons, India has one doctor for every 2,000 people.”

Now I don’t think that mentioning these facts is a big deal. But the thing is that these jaw-dropping facts can compel the readers to think about the problems.

The solution that the author provides for the problem of Population is to extend a number of facilities to families having 2 children, and these families are to be called Ideal Family. It can certainly be helpful to some extent. But he even talks about providing reservation. And that is really insane!

I’m not going to write about each problem over here because that would leave nothing for the book. I agree with the author at some points and do not at others. One of the reasons behind this may be that some of the solutions are hardly pragmatic. In Electoral System & Leadership, he talks about choosing those leaders who have large emotional sphere. He tries to put this concept of emotional sphere in other sections too. But actually, there are no parameters for this thing.

Another thing that I realized is that the author doesn’t explore all the aspects of the problems. He feels that our faulty education system can be corrected by rewriting our epics in modern context. But, in reality, we need a radical change in our education system.

The book ends with a humble appeal by the author, inviting feedback from readers. He is even ready to guide the government in case these solutions are to be followed. There are no acknowledgements given in the book, which made me feel that the author has casually put down his thoughts without much consideration. Also there is not a single example of some place where ideas, similar to the ones that he has provided, were implemented and were successful.

All in all, I feel the author has made a bold attempt but failed to attract readers. Although his efforts are worth an appreciation, but at the end of the book, I was rather disappointed. I would recommend this book, only if you are looking for some time pass read. But, if you think you’ll like it, you can give it a try. Who knows you may like it.

My Rating: *** (3/5)

What do you think about the book, its ideas and its concept? Do you have any solution to the problems of our nation? Do share your thoughts. Thanks.

I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Available for purchase on, Flipkart and Snapdeal.


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