Poetry: Into Another World

This time, I’m sharing a self composed poem. Yes, its written by me. Here it is:

Into Another World

Take me into another world
where there’s no man or woman
but all same – a human,
where there’s no jealousy and envy
but only care and glee.

Take me into another world
where there are no cries for mercy
but only shrills in the name of humanity,
where there’s no food
and yet everyone is satiated.

Take me into another world
where queues are not staright
but round and closed,
where people don’t trade
but still give and take.

Take me into another world
where ignorance darkens the globe
but the sun of knowledge overshadows it,
where God and people do exist
but are one and the same.
                                                                          – Suraj Kumar


Did you like the poem? What are you thoughts about the another world? I would love to hear your thoughts. Show your Love for Poetry. Thanks.

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39 thoughts on “Poetry: Into Another World

  1. Amazingly thought and wonderfully written.
    I respect your thought about the another world. And I wish to live in such a world; where humans behave as humans. Where there is no crime. Where there is respect and safety for women. Where there is greenery all around. And it’s easy to care for one another. I wish we could built one such world.
    Keep writing. You are amazing at it.

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  2. Everybody who believes in philosophy of goodness has a dream world. And you must know you have penned that dream world in this poem. I have read it quite a few times now and I am sure I’ll read it again for a few. And the best thing will be the satisfaction I’ll have after reading it each time.
    Keeping aside your poem, I really respect your thoughts. They are as clean and beautiful as your creation is. I hope we have more people like you so the world you mentioned can be actually created.
    Thank you for this great piece. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

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