Book Review: The Power of Healing

Title: The Power of Healing
Author: Hyu- Wai Loucks
Pages: 196
ISBN: 9781546975939
Source: Review Copy from Author

‘The Power of Healing’ is an account of roughly 24 hours of the life of a 18 year old girl, Charlotte. It is a story of life changing 24 hours, that help her discover herself & reconcile with her past. Highlighting the power of healing that is contained in medicine, art & unconditional love, this book is a promising debut.

A mingling of the past & the present

Though we witness about 24 hours of Charlotte’s present life, the author also takes us to Charlotte’s childhood. Charlotte’s parents are world renowned biomedical engineers & remain out of the town for most of time. Charlotte has always lived her life her way. She is a passionate pianist & is also interested in medicine. She has the power of healing with her.

But Charlotte’s life is devoid of happiness. She is tormented by her past. There is something, deep inside her mind, that restricts her to live life fully. We are given an eye into her past, where we see her enjoying her life with a family- a family so close to her heart, but not her own. She finds solace in those people. It is the family of her closest friend, Constantin.

And now, in her youth, these people are not to be found anywhere. Living a disoriented life, Charlotte is now standing at crossroads. It is the time, when she must make a choice between Music & Medicine. And this is the time, when a familiar stranger enters her life, only to change it completely.

As we peer at Charlotte’s life through the pages of the book, we get to see what is the cause of the guilt, who the stranger is, what happened to that family, what path she chooses & how her life changes.

My Verdict

I liked the story of this book, but what I liked even more is the philosophy of the author that is reflected through the character of Constantin. She offers very thoughtful comments on the arts- music as well as painting. And it is really surprising, when we realize that these thoughts are housing in a young girl of 18 years. Yes, the author is just 18. Here is an example to let you know, what I’m talking about:

… “That’s the hard truth about performing arts. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. Unfortunately, our world today molds artists to become performers conforming to the pleasure of the audience. …

The plot is fast paced as well as slow paced. It is fast paced, when we read about her past & it becomes slow paced when we come to the present. Since, we get to see only 24 hours of the present, the plot is bound to be slow paced. At times, it seems, the author has described every single moment. And yet, I didn’t find it boring. In fact, I enjoyed reading all those descriptive passages.

I like how swiftly the author moves from describing one thing to another. Her writing is beautiful & one can’t stop from admiring its beauty & descriptive power. I’m quoting a passage describing a sunset:

… The once dazzling sky now seems ominous, heralding the inevitable arrival of dusk. The vivid orange hues have almost completely faded to a deep purple and the once suspended sun which had illuminated the world in half-shadow, has nearly descended past the horizon, departing the earth until the advent of tomorrow. Replacing it, the barest hint of a pale, silver moon, peeks its head into the sky, poised to pull up with it an onslaught of stars. …

The cover of the book is something I didn’t like. One may consider it to be a mixture of Romance & Erotica, but it is not so. There’s not even a single element of Erotica. I really wish, it had a better cover. Besides that, the story becomes quite predictable at some points. However, it is not a typical story wherein the boy & the girl fall in love & have a fight, only to meet after some years & live happily ever after. So. it definitely has a lot more to offer.

Having written such an insightful romance at a young age, the author definitely has a lot more potential. I’ll be looking forward to what comes next from her pen.

My Rating: **** (4/5)

What do you think about this book? Does the story remind you of any other book? Have you ever been at crossroads? Do share your thoughts. Thanks.

Check it online at Amazon, Book Depository & Goodreads.

*I was given a copy by the author, in exchange for a review. Views expressed are entirely personal & unbiased.*


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