Book Review: The Lies Within

Title: The Lies Within
Author: Jane Isaac
Publisher: Legend Press
Pages: 360
ISBN: 978-1785079276
Source: Publisher

‘The Lies Within’ is the 3rd book in the DI Will Jackman Series by Jane Isaac. The book is about Grace Daniels, whose daughter has been found dead. During the course of investigation, there is another murder which solves the previous mystery but brings Grace in the spotlight. Dealing with multiple murders at a time, with characters emerging from the past, ‘The Lies Within’ is an unputdownable book.

In Brief

Grace is shattered after her daughter, Jo, is found dead. There are signs indicating that Jo was sexually assaulted. In the past, two such incidents have been reported in which the victim was sexually assaulted & found in the same condition as Jo. There are clear chances of a serial Killer, being responsible for these.

But things are not moving as they should. The investigation is leading nowhere, while Grace finds it difficult to reconcile with her life. She finds comfort in her old friend, Faye, who appears suddenly, one day in a supermarket. Our Detective Jackman, too feels helpless when nothing new turns out.

When it seems that Jo’s case will be left unsolved, another murder takes place. An investigation into this one solves the mystery of the earlier murders. But this murder brings Grace into the spotlight. But we know that it is not Grace. Then who is the killer? Will Jackman be able to find the culprit before Grace is convicted?

My Verdict

To be honest, I didn’t find the synopsis much interesting. But I was offered this book, when I was actually looking for something from this genre. So, I accepted it. I was soon into this book. The book is well written & makes for a compelling read. It has a pacy plot & almost every chapter contributes to the plot.

But I started losing my interest, when there was no development in the investigation even after about 150 pages. A Crime Fiction usually keeps us making guesses, but it was not so with this book. Even while reading the Epilogue, I had no suspect in my mind, which was a good as well as bad.

The chain of events take a turn as we move ahead and the investigation shifts from Jo’s murder to the other murder. This was something new for me. The final revelation shocked me. But the ending left me with a few questions. I was not expecting the author to leave any loose threads in a book of 360 pages.

It is an unputdownable book, except the middle part. I didn’t find the detective Jackman emerging as a hero in this novel. There are also a lot of secondary characters in this book & I found it difficult to make out who’s who. The book is less about the investigation & more about how the investigation is done. The author has taken great troubles in writing this novel, which is clear from the acknowledgments that she makes.

I feel the book is worth giving a try. People have enjoyed it more than I did. So, there are chances one might end up loving it.

My Rating: *** (3.4/5)

What do you think about this book? Did you find the story line intriguing? Have you read any other book by this author? Do share your views. Thanks.

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*I was given a copy by the Publisher, in exchange for this honest review. Views expressed are entirely personal & unbiased.*

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