Book Review: The Windfall

Title: The Windfall
Author: Diksha Basu
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 294
ISBN: 978- 9386606624
Source: Publisher


‘The Windfall’ is a hilarious novel about a Delhi- based Family, whose life changes after an unexpected acquisition of wealth. The Jhas belonged to the middle class family, but the sudden windfall gain changed their social status. Their shift from the East- Delhi to a posh area in Gurgaon, calls for a change in their lifestyle. But things are not going to be easy & smooth.

Let their be money all around…

Anil Kumar Jha has made life comfortable by selling a website. He has got a Mercedes & is now ready to move to a new house in Gurgaon, along with his wife, Bindu. Their son, Rupak, is studying Business in America. While he is failing in his exams, he is dating an American girl, Elizabeth.

The Jhas find it difficult to tell their neighbors about the move & even the neighbors are somewhat jealous & they tease the Jhas for moving out from a place where they’ve lived since long. Here I’m quoting a few lines from the text, where the Jhas are telling their neighbors that they’ll be renting out their present apartment:

“Mr. Jha,” Mr. Rudra added. “Would you mind telling us why you are renting out this apartment? Surely you don’t need the money?”
“Maybe they’re getting carpets made of gold thread,” Mrs. Sen said.
“Or lightbulbs with diamonds,” Mr. Prasad added.
“Or a twelve-foot-high fence to keep the commoners out,”Mr. Madhvan said.

Mr. Jha is quite excited about their move, but Mrs. Jha is a bit apprehensive. She is finding it hard to adjust to the new ways of living.

“The Wealth was exciting but it also made her nervous. And now with this flashy car and big move to Gurgaon, she was having sleepless nights. They needed God on their side now more than ever, …”

Upon moving in Gurgaon, the couple keeps on having arguments like the need of a mug in the toilet, even when a bidet has been installed. But what is more significant to Mr. Jha is display his wealth the new neighbourers, the Chopras. The Chopras, on their side, try their level best to be superior to the Jhas.

In this lavish affair of displaying wealth & Rupak getting kicked out of his college, how will the Jhas manage to find a peaceful life? Or is it the money that has replaced the peace forever?

My Verdict

I loved this book & I’m sure everyone will love it. Some author has described this novel as a Comedy of Manners for the 21st century. And I completely agree. A comedy of manners is one that satirises the manners & behaviour of a particular social group. And that is precisely what this book does.

Diksha Basu has a lucid writing style, which makes it a quick read. I loved the way she written the characters. There are quite a number of characters in this novel & I liked each one of them. All of them are like people that we find in our own life. It is essentially, an Indian Novel & that is what made it relatable.

There are a few sub plots that are blended together. I personally enjoyed reading about Reema & Upen’s love story, and took delight in their happiness. I really admire the author for the way she winds up everything in the end. I’m glad that the author has managed to bring Indianness in the novel, without putting any Hindi words in the text.

The whole book makes for a delightful read. There many episodes that make us laugh time and again. I would recommend this book to everyone out there because such books seldom appear in the market.

My Rating: **** (3.75/5)

Have you read this book? What do you think about the brief story that I’ve given here? Are you planning to read it? Do share your thoughts. Thanks.

Check it online at, Book Depository & Goodreads.

*I was kindly given a copy by the Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Views expressed are entirely personal & unbiased.*

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