Book Review: Smart Guide for Awesome Memory

Title: Smart Guide for Awesome Memory
Author: Shireen Stephen
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Pages: 280
ISBN: 978-8129151483
Source: Publisher

Book Review

Smart Guide for Awesome Memory is a book that aims at providing tricks and techniques to boost memory. The author of the book is said to have very impressive memory herself and here she is with a smart guide for having an awesome memory. Having done a lot of research in the field of psychology, Dr Shireen Stephen works as a consultant psychologist, counsellor and writer.

The book has a lot of techniques involving Linking method, Pegging method, assigning nicknames and preparing mind maps among others. What is remarkable about this book is that it has a very frank and conversational style of writing. The author knows how to engage the reader into the learning process.

The book opens with a chapter on how memory works followed by a chapter on the building blocks of memory. Then she gradually introduces the memory techniques in the subsequent chapters. Each technique is followed by an exercise for practice. In the later part of the book, the author tells us how to employ these tricks in academics and daily life. The book ends with chapters containing some tips and an appendix of additional exercises.

My Verdict

I really enjoyed the first half of the book and did all the exercises with a lot of enthusiasm. But I didn’t like all the techniques that are there in the book. So, you’ve to see and pick up the tricks that suit you and learn them by heart. I personally liked the pure link method the most. While a lot of other methods seemed useless to me.

I guess the book is meant for teenagers. I feel so because I was often irritated by the basic things that she talks about like being focussed, eating right, having adequate sleep and stuff like that. And I actually skimmed through those paragraphs. To be honest, I found the later half of the book to be a bit boring.

About a year and a half ago, I had read Ready, Study, Go!, which also had the same objective as this book. Although the two books are quite different from each other- with respect to writing style as well as content, there are a few points common in both the books. The most important one is that of preparing mind maps. Another is about thinking positively, which is also the basic idea of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

All in all, I didn’t find the whole book to be that helpful. But the few techniques that I did like will surely prove to be quite helpful. I would recommend this book mostly to school going children. Also make sure not to read the whole book in one go. Each new technique should be learnt only after a gap of 2-3 days. Only then it would be effective, otherwise you might start losing interest in the book.

My Rating: *** (3.4/5)

What do you think about this book? Have you read any book on enhancing memory? And do you have any personal memory tricks? Do share your thoughts. Thanks.

*I was given a copy by the Publisher, in exchange for honest review. Views expressed are entirely personal and unbiased.*


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