Book Review: The House of Islam

Title: The House of Islam- A Global History
Author: Ed Husain
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-1408872277
Source: Publisher

Book Review thoi

The House of Islam by Ed Husain is a remarkable book that clears several misconceptions surrounding Islam. In this book, he accounts for the present situation of Islam, that is for the negative spotlight in which it is viewed in the present time. He does so first by explaining what Islam truly is and then goes on to trace the course of Islam after the Prophet’s death which eventually led Islam to where it is standing presently.

The book is divided into four parts. In each part, he views Islam from different dimensions. He gives thorough knowledge and deep insight into certain concepts of Islam that are often misunderstood. For instance, the Sharia law and Jihad. Among other topics of concern, he talks about the Sunni-Shi’a conflict, Sufism, Salafism and also about what Islam actually says about women, education and sex.

The author’s intention in writing this book is to bridge the widening gulf between Islam and the west. And it is this very intention that makes this book a must read for the present generation. But does the author succeed in achieving his task? Well, he does. He makes the readers understand what Islam truly is and how it has come to be misunderstood and viewed as something that is quite contrary to its true nature.

It is imperative for everyone (including the Muslims too) to understand that the Prophet’s idea of Islam was not what most of us see Islam today as. It is the extremists’s wrong conception of Islam and their wrong interpretations of the Prophet’s sayings that has led to the decline of the Muslim world.

Although the author does succeed in showing a clearer picture of Islam, he forces upon the reader certain things that could have been left out of the book. Several chapters of Part II and Part III seemed unnecessarily exaggerated to me. These topics could have been shortened and even covered in one long chapter. It is here that I felt the author lost the track.

Besides this I enjoyed the book a lot. It is an expository and insightful book. It sure does provide an insider’s view of the Islam. Recommended for sure.

My Rating: ****(3.75/5)

What do you think about this book? Have you read any book on Islam? Or the holy Qur’an? Do share your thoughts. Thanks.

*I was kindly sent a copy by the publisher. Views expressed are entirely personal and unbiased.*

10 thoughts on “Book Review: The House of Islam

  1. Most Islamic literatures Ive read are loosely based on the Holy Quran or inspired from its preachings. If this is just another attempt at that, Id be better off without it. While I see youve made a decent trial at reviewing this book generously, I fail to discern if you really enjoyed it as a reader.

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    • I understand your point. I enjoyed the first and the last part the most. Those were really insightful and very informative. As I’ve mentioned that certain chapters in the middle of the book seemed unnecessary to me, those hampered my overall reading experience.


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