Book Review: The Gospel of Yudas

Title: The Gospel of Yudas Author: K.R. Meera (Translated by: Rajesh Rajamohan) Publisher: Hamish Hamilton- Penguin Books Pages: 158 ISBN: 978-0670088584 Source: Personal Copy 'The Gospel of Yudas' is a tale of longing and redemption. Set in Kerala, the book presents the curious story of a young girl, Prema and the enigmatic, Das aka Yudas- … Continue reading Book Review: The Gospel of Yudas

Classic Read: Jude the Obscure

I recently read Thomas Hardy's last novel, Jude the Obscure. It was a part of my syllabus. And I loved it. 'Jude the Obscure' is the tragic story of Jude's life. It is heart breaking novel about a man who keeps on losing everything that is dear to him. Jude, an eleven year old boy, … Continue reading Classic Read: Jude the Obscure