Book Review: Which of us are Aryans?

Title: Which of us are Aryans? Author: Various Publisher: Aleph Book Compnay Pages: 224 ISBN: 978-9388292382 Source: Publisher Which of us are Aryans? deals with the much debated question of our origins. This book offers several insights on the Aryan issue and examines the different theories that have been propounded. From the Vedic times to … Continue reading Book Review: Which of us are Aryans?


Book Review: Calcutta Under Fire

Title: Calcutta Under Fire- the Second World War Years Author: David Lockwood Publisher: Rupa Publications Pages: 304 ISBN: 978-9353333287 Source: Publisher Calcutta Under Fire presents an account of what all underwent in India during the second Word War. It records the reactions of various stakeholders- mainly the colonial power of British and the Indian National … Continue reading Book Review: Calcutta Under Fire

Book Review: Ramayana versus Mahabharata

Title: Ramayana versus Mahabharata- My Playful Comparison Author: Devdutt Pattanaik Publisher: Rupa Publications Pages: 208 ISBN: 978-9353332303 Source: Publisher Devdutt Pattanaik's Ramayana versus Mahabharata, as the subtitle suggests is a comparison of the two great epics. Devdutt Pattanaik is no new name in mythological literature and thus the question of his mastery on the topic … Continue reading Book Review: Ramayana versus Mahabharata

Book Review: Punjab, Punjabis & Punjabiyat

Title: Punjab, Punjabis & Punjabiyat- Reflections on a Land and its PeopleAuthor: Khushwant SinghEditor: Mala DayalPublisher: Aleph Book CompanyPages: 192ISBN: 978-9387561403Source: PublisherPunjab, Punjabis & Punjabiyat is a compilation of various articles written by the author at various points of his life. These pieces of writing, collected here by his daughter Mala Dayal, represent Khushwant Singh's … Continue reading Book Review: Punjab, Punjabis & Punjabiyat

Book Review: The House of Islam

Title: The House of Islam- A Global History Author: Ed Husain Publisher: Bloomsbury Pages: 336 ISBN: 978-1408872277 Source: Publisher The House of Islam by Ed Husain is a remarkable book that clears several misconceptions surrounding Islam. In this book, he accounts for the present situation of Islam, that is for the negative spotlight in which … Continue reading Book Review: The House of Islam

Book Review: Indian Cultures as Heritage

Title: Indian Cultures as Heritage- Contemporary Pasts Author: Romila Thapar Publisher: Aleph Book Company Pages: 262 ISBN: 978-9384067359 Source: Publisher In her book Indian Cultures as Heritage, Romila Thapar talks about the phenomena called culture and what constitutes the Indian culture. Her focus is on those things that are generally not considered when talking about … Continue reading Book Review: Indian Cultures as Heritage

Book Review: The Written World

Title: The Written World- How Literature shaped History Author: Martin Puchner Publisher: Granta Books Pages: 410 ISBN: 978-1783783137 Source: Publisher The Written World is an attempt by the author Martin Puchner to trace the journey of literature and its interaction with civilization. From the world of Homer through the birth of Christianity to the present … Continue reading Book Review: The Written World