Book Review: How The World Thinks

Title: How The World Thinks- A Global History of Philosophy Author: Julian Baggini Publisher: Granta Books Pages: 342 ISBN: 978-1783782307 Source: Publisher In How The World Thinks the author Julian Baggini takes the reader along to dive into the cultures of different places and provide a glimpse of how people across the globe live their … Continue reading Book Review: How The World Thinks

Book Review: If History has taught us anything

Title: If History has taught us anything Author: Farhat Nasreen Publisher: Rupa Publications Pages: 208 ISBN: 978-9353334789 Source: Publisher If History has taught us anything undertakes a journey into the political history of India. India has seen several rulers and each of these rules has impacted and shaped the India of the present. If one … Continue reading Book Review: If History has taught us anything

Book Review: Calcutta Under Fire

Title: Calcutta Under Fire- the Second World War Years Author: David Lockwood Publisher: Rupa Publications Pages: 304 ISBN: 978-9353333287 Source: Publisher Calcutta Under Fire presents an account of what all underwent in India during the second Word War. It records the reactions of various stakeholders- mainly the colonial power of British and the Indian National … Continue reading Book Review: Calcutta Under Fire

Book Review: Ramayana versus Mahabharata

Title: Ramayana versus Mahabharata- My Playful Comparison Author: Devdutt Pattanaik Publisher: Rupa Publications Pages: 208 ISBN: 978-9353332303 Source: Publisher Devdutt Pattanaik's Ramayana versus Mahabharata, as the subtitle suggests is a comparison of the two great epics. Devdutt Pattanaik is no new name in mythological literature and thus the question of his mastery on the topic … Continue reading Book Review: Ramayana versus Mahabharata

Book Review: Punjab, Punjabis & Punjabiyat

Title: Punjab, Punjabis & Punjabiyat- Reflections on a Land and its PeopleAuthor: Khushwant SinghEditor: Mala DayalPublisher: Aleph Book CompanyPages: 192ISBN: 978-9387561403Source: PublisherPunjab, Punjabis & Punjabiyat is a compilation of various articles written by the author at various points of his life. These pieces of writing, collected here by his daughter Mala Dayal, represent Khushwant Singh's … Continue reading Book Review: Punjab, Punjabis & Punjabiyat

Book Review: The House of Islam

Title: The House of Islam- A Global History Author: Ed Husain Publisher: Bloomsbury Pages: 336 ISBN: 978-1408872277 Source: Publisher The House of Islam by Ed Husain is a remarkable book that clears several misconceptions surrounding Islam. In this book, he accounts for the present situation of Islam, that is for the negative spotlight in which … Continue reading Book Review: The House of Islam