Book Review: What would a Muslim say?

Title: What would a Muslim Say? Author: Ahmed Rashid Pages: 144 ISBN: 978-1943740161 Source: Author "What would a Muslim say?" is a book that tries to answer several questions associated with the Islam. It aims at providing a clear & definite of what Islam truly is. Written in the epistolary form, this book is basically … Continue reading Book Review: What would a Muslim say?


Book Review: A Time of Madness

Title: A Time of Madness - A Memoir of Partition Author: Salman Rashid Publisher: Aleph Book Company Pages: 126 ISBN: 978-9384067366 Source: Publisher 'A Time of Madness', as the subtitle states is a memoir of partition by Salman Rashid. Salman Rashid is a leading travel writer of Pakistan. This book is an account of what … Continue reading Book Review: A Time of Madness

Book Review: Think with Me

Title: 'Think with me: Fundamentals for making our country ideal' Author: Subrata Roy Sahara Publisher: Rupa Publications ISBN: 9788129142252 Pages: 111 Source: Writersmelon "Think with me" is second book by the author in the 'Thoughts from Tihar' trilogy. It is written specifically for Indian writers. As the title suggests this book is aimed at presenting to the … Continue reading Book Review: Think with Me

Book Review: Enter the Dangal

Title: "Enter the Dangal: Travels through India's Wrestling Landscape" Author: Rudraneil Sengupta Publisher: Harper Sport (An Imprint of  HarperCollins Publishers) Enter the Dangal: Travels through India's Wrestling Landscape is a celebration of Wrestling as an ancient Indian sport. It is a journey of India's Pahalwans from the mitti of Akhada to the modern day Olympic mats. Enriched … Continue reading Book Review: Enter the Dangal