Poetry: Musee Des Beaux Arts

'Musee De Beaux Arts' is a poem by W.H. Auden, that he wrote after his visit to an art museum. Auden refers to three paintings that he saw there, but the most important is the third one. (You can find it at the end of the post.) The poem is based upon the idea how … Continue reading Poetry: Musee Des Beaux Arts


Book Review: Rasia- The Dance of Desire

Title: Rasia- The Dance of Desire Author: Koral Dasgupta Publisher: Rupa Publications Pages: 252 ISBN: 978-8129149480 Source: Publisher 'Rasia- The Dance of Desire' is the story of determination versus dedication; a story where a body part is pitched against a partner. With Bharatanatyam at the centre of the story, the book is about a married … Continue reading Book Review: Rasia- The Dance of Desire

Book Review: Memoirs of a Polar Bear

Title: Memoirs of a Polar Bear Author: Tōko Yawada Translator: Susan Bernofsky Publisher: Portobello Books Pages: 252 ISBN: 978-1846276316 Source: Publisher 'Memoirs of a Polar Bear' tells the story of three polar bears of the same family- the youngest one being Knut, his mother- Tosca and his grandmother. Divided in three parts, the book covers … Continue reading Book Review: Memoirs of a Polar Bear

Book Review: Story of Sita (DNF)

Title: Story of Sita Author: Nabeena Srikanth Publisher: Inkstate- Leadstart Publishers Pages: 326 ISBN: 978-9352019496 Source: Publisher 'Story of Sita' aims at presenting the Ramayana from Sita's perspective. Sita is my favourite character from the Ramayana and undoubtedly the one for whom everyone feels. So, a retelling of the Ramayana from Sita's perspective is really … Continue reading Book Review: Story of Sita (DNF)