Book Review: Iban Woman

Title: Iban Woman Author: Golda Mowe Publisher: Monsoon Books Pages: 260 ISBN: 978-1912049363 Source: Publisher Iban Woman is the third standalone novel in the Iban series. This book presents the story of Ratai, a young Iban woman who is not so much a woman as regards the social meaning of the word. She is more … Continue reading Book Review: Iban Woman

Book Review: Peace Breeds Forgetfulness

Title: Peace Breeds Forgetfulness Author: G. E. Becker Publisher: Olympia Publishers Pages: 110 ISBN: 978-1848977631 Source: Publisher Peace Breeds Forgetfulness is about a group of herbivores and their lives that are lived in a constant danger of the predators. Central to the book is the safe dream world of Weshallsee kingdom. The book is about … Continue reading Book Review: Peace Breeds Forgetfulness

Book Review: Memoirs of a Polar Bear

Title: Memoirs of a Polar Bear Author: Tōko Yawada Translator: Susan Bernofsky Publisher: Portobello Books Pages: 252 ISBN: 978-1846276316 Source: Publisher 'Memoirs of a Polar Bear' tells the story of three polar bears of the same family- the youngest one being Knut, his mother- Tosca and his grandmother. Divided in three parts, the book covers … Continue reading Book Review: Memoirs of a Polar Bear