Book Review: Strange Heart Beating

Title: Strange Heart Beating Author: Eli Goldstone Publisher: Granta Books Pages: 196 ISBN: 978-1783783502 Source: Publisher Strange Heart Beating is about a man called Seb and his attempts to find out more about his wife after her death. In his quest for the past life of his late wife, Leda, Seb encounters such aspects of … Continue reading Book Review: Strange Heart Beating

Book Review: A Quest for Spring

Title: A Quest for Spring Author: Monica Majumdar Dixit Publisher: Notion Press Pages: 386 ISBN: 978-1947752672 Source: Author A Quest for Spring traces the journey of Amolika and Raehan from being friends to soulmates. Raehan and Amolika both come from very different backgrounds. While Amolika hails from a family of Army officers, Raehan belongs to … Continue reading Book Review: A Quest for Spring

Book Review: Peace Breeds Forgetfulness

Title: Peace Breeds Forgetfulness Author: G. E. Becker Publisher: Olympia Publishers Pages: 110 ISBN: 978-1848977631 Source: Publisher Peace Breeds Forgetfulness is about a group of herbivores and their lives that are lived in a constant danger of the predators. Central to the book is the safe dream world of Weshallsee kingdom. The book is about … Continue reading Book Review: Peace Breeds Forgetfulness