Book Review: Crossroads

Title: Crossroads- Women Coming of Age in today's Uganda Editor: Christopher Conte Pages: 172 ISBN: 978-1507680223 Source: Editor Crossroads is an anthology of essays by women writers from the present day, Uganda. The essays are the personal experiences of the writers. Dealing with various themes, the essays present in this collection bring into light the … Continue reading Book Review: Crossroads


Book Review: The Parrots of Desire

Title: The Parrots of Desire- 3000 years of Indian Erotica Editor: Amrita Narayanan Publisher: Aleph Book Company Pages: 304 ISBN: 978-9383064090 Source: Publisher 'The Parrots of Desire' is an anthology of poems, short stories & essays from India's treasure of Erotica. Having excerpts from ancient texts like Kamasutra & Mahabharata to the stories by modern … Continue reading Book Review: The Parrots of Desire