Book Review: Calcutta Under Fire

Title: Calcutta Under Fire- the Second World War Years Author: David Lockwood Publisher: Rupa Publications Pages: 304 ISBN: 978-9353333287 Source: Publisher Calcutta Under Fire presents an account of what all underwent in India during the second Word War. It records the reactions of various stakeholders- mainly the colonial power of British and the Indian National … Continue reading Book Review: Calcutta Under Fire

Book Review: Straight to Normal

Title: Straight to Normal Author: Sharif D. Ragnekar Publisher: Rupa Publications Pages: 224 ISBN: 978-9353333669 Source: Publisher For the sake of labels and classification, this book is an autobiography of a gay man. But this won't suffice because of the sheer power that this book carries. It a lucid rendition of what it means to … Continue reading Book Review: Straight to Normal