Book Review: Missing

Title: Missing Author: Sumana Roy Publisher: Aleph Book Company Pages: 265 ISBN: 978-9386021991 Source: Publisher Missing is an account of 7 days in the life of a blind poet, named Nayan, while his wife goes missing. Set in Bengal, Missing is a study of the relationships and the society that is constituted of these relationships. … Continue reading Book Review: Missing


Book Review: Strange Heart Beating

Title: Strange Heart Beating Author: Eli Goldstone Publisher: Granta Books Pages: 196 ISBN: 978-1783783502 Source: Publisher Strange Heart Beating is about a man called Seb and his attempts to find out more about his wife after her death. In his quest for the past life of his late wife, Leda, Seb encounters such aspects of … Continue reading Book Review: Strange Heart Beating