Bloggers’ Love

Hi Friends. How are you doing? These days I post very less, owing to my studies. I don't read as many books as I used to. So, I lack content to post here. I've also discontinued my series For the Love of Poetry. Today, I thought to do the pending Awards & Tags. Thanks to … Continue reading Bloggers’ Love

Book Review: The Lies Within

Title: The Lies Within Author: Jane Isaac Publisher: Legend Press Pages: 360 ISBN: 978-1785079276 Source: Publisher 'The Lies Within' is the 3rd book in the DI Will Jackman Series by Jane Isaac. The book is about Grace Daniels, whose daughter has been found dead. During the course of investigation, there is another murder which solves … Continue reading Book Review: The Lies Within

Book Review: The Private Life of Mrs Sharma

Title: The Private Life of Mrs Sharma Author: Ratika Kapur Publisher: Bloomsbury Pages: 185 ISBN: 978-9385436185 Source: Publisher 'The Private Life of Mrs Sharma' is an account of about 5 months of the life of Renuka Sharma. Set in Delhi, this book provides a very clear picture of the present day Indian society, which is … Continue reading Book Review: The Private Life of Mrs Sharma