Has Demonetisation Affected the Production and Sale of Books?

I guess most of you are curious to know this… Go ahead. And do share if you didn’t buy a book because of demonetisation.


Daryaganj’s Sunday book market. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Original source: Koshy Koshy


Almost fifty days since Indian prime minister Narendra Modi announced that ₹500 and ₹1000 ceased to remain legal tender – or as the media termed it, ‘demonetisation’ – and large parts of the country are still reeling from his decision’s impact.

While the disruption has affected all aspects of daily life, we decided to specifically take a look at after-effects on the publishing, especially areas such as casual labour-intensive tasks, freight and sales of books in metros and smaller cities.

Ravi Deecee, CEO of one of the largest publishers in Kerala, DC Books, said, ‘Unlike in the metro cities and other urban suburbs, book sales has been affected considerably. The demonetization effects still ripples across, even today, because of the kind of statements being made by the Central Government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which makes…

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Book Review: Dispelling the Silence

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