Book Review: Cove

Title: Cove Author: Cynan Jones Publisher: Granta Books Pages: 98 ISBN: 978-1847088819 Source: Publisher 'Cove' is very short book that has a lot to say. It tells the story of an unnamed man who is out in the sea with his father's ashes. While he is alone in his kayak, a storm breaks and he … Continue reading Book Review: Cove

Book Review: Such Small Hands

Title: Such Small Hands Author: Andrés Barba Translator: Lisa Dillman Publisher: Portobello Books Pages: 102 ISBN: 9781846276439 Source: Publisher 'Such Small Hands' is a chilling account of the dreadful aspects of childhood that lie hidden beneath the innocence of children. It is a novella based on a real life incident that took place in an … Continue reading Book Review: Such Small Hands