Book Review: Those Women of the Coromandel

Ranga Rao's Those Women of the Coromandel provides a peep into the 19th century, flourishing colonial world in the southeastern coastal region of India. This world is presented through the lives of the three eponymous women- Miss Beston, an English trader settled in India, the mystical Granny Appachchi and her equally interesting sister-in-law, Worker Aunt. … Continue reading Book Review: Those Women of the Coromandel


Book Review: Unmasking Indian Secularism

Hasan Suroor's Unmasking Indian Secularism carries the subtitle 'Why we need a new Hindu-Muslim deal.' The book seeks to put forth the reasons behind the failure of the policy of Secularism in India. In layman's terms, Secularism refers to impartiality towards any religion by the state. Given the polarisation evident in today's India, the author … Continue reading Book Review: Unmasking Indian Secularism

Book Review: JNU- Nationalism and India’s Uncivil War

The book under consideration is authored by Makarand R. Paranjape, a Professor of English in JNU. Having worked in JNU for over two decades, the author shares an intimate relationship with JNU, and therefore comes across as a credible voice on the issue. The issue that the book deals with is the rise of an … Continue reading Book Review: JNU- Nationalism and India’s Uncivil War

Book Review: Tagore & Gandhi

Tagore & Gandhi: Walking Alone, Walking Together by Rudrangshu Mukherjee is a book that examines the relationship of two very eminent personalities of India. Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi- both visionaries, have played a tremendous role in shaping the modern India. As much as they were both celebrated by the people, they had divergent views. … Continue reading Book Review: Tagore & Gandhi