Author Tit-Bits: Monica Majumdar Dixit

Hello guys. Here I am with the next installment of Author Tit-Bits. This time we have with us a debut author, Monica Majumdar Dixit, whose debut novel- A Quest for Spring, reaffirmed my interest in the genre of Romance. You can read my review of the novel here. Born in Raipur, Monica Majumdar Dixit is … Continue reading Author Tit-Bits: Monica Majumdar Dixit


Book Review: The Written World

Title: The Written World- How Literature shaped History Author: Martin Puchner Publisher: Granta Books Pages: 410 ISBN: 978-1783783137 Source: Publisher The Written World is an attempt by the author Martin Puchner to trace the journey of literature and its interaction with civilization. From the world of Homer through the birth of Christianity to the present … Continue reading Book Review: The Written World

Book Review: Peace Breeds Forgetfulness

Title: Peace Breeds Forgetfulness Author: G. E. Becker Publisher: Olympia Publishers Pages: 110 ISBN: 978-1848977631 Source: Publisher Peace Breeds Forgetfulness is about a group of herbivores and their lives that are lived in a constant danger of the predators. Central to the book is the safe dream world of Weshallsee kingdom. The book is about … Continue reading Book Review: Peace Breeds Forgetfulness