Book Review: Iban Woman

Title: Iban Woman Author: Golda Mowe Publisher: Monsoon Books Pages: 260 ISBN: 978-1912049363 Source: Publisher Iban Woman is the third standalone novel in the Iban series. This book presents the story of Ratai, a young Iban woman who is not so much a woman as regards the social meaning of the word. She is more … Continue reading Book Review: Iban Woman


Book Review: A Yellow House

Title: A Yellow House Author: Karien van Ditzhuijzen Publisher: Monsoon Books Pages: 368 ISBN: 978-1912049349 Source: Publisher A Yellow House is a coming-of-age novel about a young girl Maya as she explores the world of domestic workers in the present day Singapore. Ten-year-old Singaporean Maya is lonely; her grandmother is dead, her mother is focused … Continue reading Book Review: A Yellow House

Book Review: Convenience Store Woman

Title: Convenience Store Woman Author: Sayaka Murata Translator: Ginny Tapley Takemori Publisher: Portobello Books Pages: 112 ISBN: 978-1846276835 Source: Publisher Keiko has never really fitted in. At school and university people find her odd and her family worries she'll never be normal. To appease them, keiko takes a job at a newly opened convenience store. … Continue reading Book Review: Convenience Store Woman

Book Review: The Occasional Virgin

Title: The Occasional VirginAuthor: Hanan Al-ShaykhTranslator: Catherine CobhamPublisher: Bloomsbury CircusPages: 230ISBN: 978-1526601643Source: PublisherThe Occasional Virgin presents a short period of life of two friends- Huda and Yvonne. Brought up in Lebanon, Huda is a Muslim and Yvonne is a Christian. Both of them come from conservative families- where women are deemed inferior to men. Having … Continue reading Book Review: The Occasional Virgin

Book Review: The Fisherman’s Story

Title: The Fisherman's Story Author: Simon Boreham Publisher: Olympia Publishers Pages: 206 ISBN: 978-1848979482 Source: Publisher The Fisherman's Story is a book based on the very intriguing incidence of Jesus's crucifixion. The story starts after the episode of crucifixion and the author unfolds an imaginative story of what happens to Christ's body after his crucifixion. … Continue reading Book Review: The Fisherman’s Story

Book Review: Peace Breeds Forgetfulness

Title: Peace Breeds Forgetfulness Author: G. E. Becker Publisher: Olympia Publishers Pages: 110 ISBN: 978-1848977631 Source: Publisher Peace Breeds Forgetfulness is about a group of herbivores and their lives that are lived in a constant danger of the predators. Central to the book is the safe dream world of Weshallsee kingdom. The book is about … Continue reading Book Review: Peace Breeds Forgetfulness