Book Review: The German House

Title: The German House Author: Annette Hess Translator: Elisabeth Lauffer Publisher: Harper Via- Harper Collins Pages: 330 ISBN: 978-0062976451 Source: Publisher The German House is set in post war Germany. Poeple have settled in their lives once again and the WW II is but a hazy memory for the present generation. Beautiful young Eva is … Continue reading Book Review: The German House

Book Review: The Fourth Courier

Title: The Fourth Courier Author: Timothy Jay Smith Publisher: Arcade Publishing Pages: 300 ISBN: 978-1948924108 Source: Author The Fourth Courier is a thriller set in Poland. The novel is a concoction of murder, politics, liaisons (both heterosexual and homosexual), nuclear threat and power hungry creatures. The chief characters involve a FBI agent, a gay black … Continue reading Book Review: The Fourth Courier

Book Review: The Fisherman’s Story

Title: The Fisherman's Story Author: Simon Boreham Publisher: Olympia Publishers Pages: 206 ISBN: 978-1848979482 Source: Publisher The Fisherman's Story is a book based on the very intriguing incidence of Jesus's crucifixion. The story starts after the episode of crucifixion and the author unfolds an imaginative story of what happens to Christ's body after his crucifixion. … Continue reading Book Review: The Fisherman’s Story

Book Review: Christmas with the Bomb Girls

Title: Christmas with the Bomb Girls Author: Daisy Styles Publisher: Michael Joseph- Penguin UK Pages: 390 ISBN: 978-1405929806 Source: Publisher 'Christmas with the Bomb Girls' is the third book in the Bomb Girls Series by Daisy Styles. The narrative revolves around young girls and women working in a munitions factory. While managing their personal lives … Continue reading Book Review: Christmas with the Bomb Girls