Book Review: The Body Myth

Title: The Body Myth Author: Rheea Mukherjee Publisher: Hamish Hamilton- Penguin Pages: 232 ISBN: 978-0670092789 Source: Publisher The Body Myth is a powerful debut novel that talks about many things at once. It can be best described as a novel that brings together the acceptable and the non-acceptable, the normal and the abnormal, the knowable … Continue reading Book Review: The Body Myth

Book Review: The Carpet Weaver

Title: The Carpet Weaver Author: Nemat Sadat Publisher: Penguin Viking Pages: 300 ISBN: 978-0670092048 Source: Publisher Spanning over 7 years and moving from Afghanistan through Pakistan to America, The Carpet Weaver is a coming of age story of a young Afghan Boy, Kanishka as he confronts his sexuality and the world around. At the age … Continue reading Book Review: The Carpet Weaver

Book Review: The Man Who Saw Everything

Title: The Man Who Saw Everything Author: Deborah Levy Publisher: Hamish Hamilton- Penguin Random House Pages: 200 ISBN: 978-0241268025 Source: Publisher The Man Who Saw Everything presents an immersive and surreal story of Saul Adler- a young historian. The novel spans a period of roughly 30 years. It opens on a September day in 1988 … Continue reading Book Review: The Man Who Saw Everything

Book Review: The Fourth Courier

Title: The Fourth Courier Author: Timothy Jay Smith Publisher: Arcade Publishing Pages: 300 ISBN: 978-1948924108 Source: Author The Fourth Courier is a thriller set in Poland. The novel is a concoction of murder, politics, liaisons (both heterosexual and homosexual), nuclear threat and power hungry creatures. The chief characters involve a FBI agent, a gay black … Continue reading Book Review: The Fourth Courier