Book Review: Genuine Fraud

Title: Genuine Fraud Author: E Lockhart Publisher: Bloomsbury Pages: 262 ISBN: 978-1471406805 Source: Publisher 'Genuine Fraud' came to me when I had already heard a lot of praise for this book. So, I was quite excited to pick it up. It is a psychological thriller featuring a young girl, Jule, who has a bizarre habit … Continue reading Book Review: Genuine Fraud


Book Review: Forever Rose

Title: Forever Rose Author: Monica Carmen Opera Pages: 298 ISBN: 978-0692821268 Source: Publisher 'Forever Rose' takes the readers into the 18th century Italy. It is a love story that transcends time. The year is 1737. It is the year of the death of the beautiful Rose Estes. But Alex, who comes from the year 2037, … Continue reading Book Review: Forever Rose