Book Review: The Tatas

Title: The Tatas Author: Girish Kuber Translator: Vikrant Pande Publisher: Harper Business- HarperCollins Pages: 264 ISBN: 978-9352779376 Source: Publisher In his book The Tatas, Girish Kuber traces the 200 year old legacy of India's one of the biggest business families. Right from the birth of Nusserwanji in 1822 to the present chairman Natrajan Chandrasekaran, this … Continue reading Book Review: The Tatas

Book Review: Hatshepsut The Pharoah-Queen of Egypt

Before I start with my review, I would like to tell you all what makes this book different. This was a very short book of about 30 pages. It is meant to be read in just 60 minutes. The book belongs to the History & Biographies series by the in60Learning publishers. They've published a range … Continue reading Book Review: Hatshepsut The Pharoah-Queen of Egypt