Book Review: Indian Cultures as Heritage

Title: Indian Cultures as Heritage- Contemporary Pasts Author: Romila Thapar Publisher: Aleph Book Company Pages: 262 ISBN: 978-9384067359 Source: Publisher In her book Indian Cultures as Heritage, Romila Thapar talks about the phenomena called culture and what constitutes the Indian culture. Her focus is on those things that are generally not considered when talking about … Continue reading Book Review: Indian Cultures as Heritage

Book Review: Missing

Title: Missing Author: Sumana Roy Publisher: Aleph Book Company Pages: 265 ISBN: 978-9386021991 Source: Publisher Missing is an account of 7 days in the life of a blind poet, named Nayan, while his wife goes missing. Set in Bengal, Missing is a study of the relationships and the society that is constituted of these relationships. … Continue reading Book Review: Missing

Book Review: The Written World

Title: The Written World- How Literature shaped History Author: Martin Puchner Publisher: Granta Books Pages: 410 ISBN: 978-1783783137 Source: Publisher The Written World is an attempt by the author Martin Puchner to trace the journey of literature and its interaction with civilization. From the world of Homer through the birth of Christianity to the present … Continue reading Book Review: The Written World