Book Review: The Fourth Courier

Title: The Fourth Courier Author: Timothy Jay Smith Publisher: Arcade Publishing Pages: 300 ISBN: 978-1948924108 Source: Author The Fourth Courier is a thriller set in Poland. The novel is a concoction of murder, politics, liaisons (both heterosexual and homosexual), nuclear threat and power hungry creatures. The chief characters involve a FBI agent, a gay black … Continue reading Book Review: The Fourth Courier

Book Excerpt: Texaco by Patrick Chamoiseau

So here I'm going to share an excerpt from my current read Texaco. It's considered one of the finest works of Carribean Literature. I'm done with about 70% of this 400 page long book and I'm enjoying it. I thought of sharing a passage from the novel, which I liked very much and appears in … Continue reading Book Excerpt: Texaco by Patrick Chamoiseau