October Book Haul

Whenever I run out of content, due to one reason or the other, I decide to go for a Book Haul. Actually, I remained sick for most part of this month. My platelets count had decreased but now I'm fine & I've started reading once again. I'll go back to University in a few days … Continue reading October Book Haul

Book Review: Ms Draupadi Kuru

Title: Ms Draupadi Kuru- After the Pandavas Author: Trisha Das Publisher: Harper Collins Pages: 285 ISBN: 978- 9352640034 Source: Personal Copy 'Ms Draupadi Kuru' is a hilarious read about Draupadi's visit to Earth along with her companions- Amba, Gandhari & Kunti. After staying in heaven for a few thousand years, Draupadi is bored of her … Continue reading Book Review: Ms Draupadi Kuru

Book Review: The Parrots of Desire

Title: The Parrots of Desire- 3000 years of Indian Erotica Editor: Amrita Narayanan Publisher: Aleph Book Company Pages: 304 ISBN: 978-9383064090 Source: Publisher 'The Parrots of Desire' is an anthology of poems, short stories & essays from India's treasure of Erotica. Having excerpts from ancient texts like Kamasutra & Mahabharata to the stories by modern … Continue reading Book Review: The Parrots of Desire